Welcome to Affordable Photo Gifts, Where All Photo Gifts are $19.95 or Less

Hello and Welcome to Affordable Photo Gifts where all Photo Gifts are $14.95 or less. Photo T-shirts $7.95 playing cards $14.45 Mousepad $7.95 puzzle $10.95 Travel Mug $14.75. Have a look for yourself and see why we are THE place for affordable photo gifts.

Our goal is to find unique, personalized, custom photo gifts that can fit in everyone’s budget. The “new products” department at Affordable Photo Gifts is always on the lookout for items that meet that goal, as well as meet our high standards for reproduction of your photo. And of course, nothing can be more than $14.95.

Our innovative team of employees would like you, “our customer” to also be creative. Of course we enjoy seeing your photos on our products. But, you can also send us your “art”. Let your children make some drawings. Simply take a photo of their drawing, and send that to us exactly as you would a photo. With that original drawing, you can get Grandma a custom created apron, or get Dad a mug for work, and get Mom a set of coasters. All of us in the art department of Affordable Photo Gifts use our imagination everyday, so we encourage you to encourage your children to use their imagination as well.

The production department at Affordable Photo Gifts sees every kind of photo you imagine. Thousands of photos of babies, children, couples, vacations, pets, cars, parks, reunions, and you name it, come across our desks everyday. It is nice to know that since George Eastman created the modern camera in the 1880’s, that people are still taking billions of photos every year, and we feel like all of our customers are family!

There are a lot of photo gifting sites that we compete with. The founders of Affordable Photo Gifts made a corporate decision to never have an item higher that $14.95. So, by working with extremely small margins, Affordable Photo Gifts has managed to come up with a very unique selection. As you look through the site, you will surprised at some of the things our new products division at have discovered. But, that is only the first step. After we find these new ideas, the design department at Affordable Photo Gifts has to figure out a way to get your picture on that product, and to stay on that product. Our experienced team has knowledge of various inks, paper, and heat…all of which comprise how your products are made. Affordable Photo Gifts has some of the best people in the business.

At www.AffordablePhotoGifts.com our prices range from as low as $5.75 to $14.95. Take a look at the easy to use shopping cart, and within minutes we’ll have your order and start producing your one of a kind photo gift. Affordable Photo Gifts where the name says it all. You have all the tools you need to crop, zoom, and add text to your photo.

Go have fun because at www.AffordablePhotoGifts.com... YOU... can afford it!!!!